Hey there & welcome
to my digital home.

My name is Alex and I am the face behind
eightyfive.sqm, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my love for interior design and lifestyle. With a passion for beautiful spaces and a keen eye for detail, I love creating content that inspires others to make their home a haven. 

On this website, you can find out more about me, browse my interviews and publications, and get a closer look at my interior design services. You can also explore my past brand collaborations and see how I've incorporated products into my own home.
Partnering with Purpose

There's no one-size-
fits-all solution

Since mid-2021, I have teamed up with 25+ brands to create content in the form of posts, reels, and stories that capture the essence of their products. I take great care in selecting collaborations, partnering exclusively with brands that share my values and aesthetic vision. As a firm believer in designing beautiful spaces and leading a conscious lifestyle, I bring an unwavering passion and imaginative flair to every partnership. Check out a handpicked array of past collaborations on my page, or send me a message to receive a customized proposal tailored to your brand's specific needs.

As a thought starter, I offer three flexible options that can be tailored to fit your brands unique needs.

Brand Cooperations

Collaborating with brands is a classic strategy for content creation. With brand cooperations, I create custom content featuring your product and share it on my Instagram account. We can also discuss branded content, partnership ads, or media buyouts to maximize your brand's exposure.

Content Creation

Looking for high-quality content to elevate your brand's marketing materials? Look no further. I offer custom content creation services, providing you with raw or edited files that can be used on your website, newsletters, and beyond. With a media buyout already included, you have complete freedom to use the content however you see fit.*

*This service does not include posting the content on my own Instagram account.

Longterm Partnerships
& Subscription Models

Are you familiar with the "Rule of 7"? This principle suggests that people need to encounter a message at least seven times before taking action. That's why a subscription-based collaboration could be an ideal fit for your brand. With my cohesive posting plan, I can seamlessly integrate your product into my daily life and showcase it to my engaged audience, increasing your brand's visibility and driving customer action.

a little bit more About me

Creating a Home Away From Home

I am a born and raised Austrian who traded in the alpine views for the hustle of Berlin a decade ago. My journey started with a bachelor's degree in photography, followed by a master's degree in marketing and a degree in art direction, which led me to work as a freelancer. In 2020, the pandemic brought some big changes to my life, but some of them were pretty awesome. For example when Lotti, my four-legged love, moved in with me. While I was stuck at home, I also started to channel my creativity into redecorating my living space and creating an Instagram account for my home. And then? Well, the rest is history.

Interior Consulting

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the process of creating a beautiful home that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle? I understand how challenging it can be to bring your vision to life, but that's where I come in! I offer personalized consulting services to help you create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. From selecting the right color schemes and furniture placement to decor styling, I can provide expert advice and guidance every step of the way.

Quick Fix

A 1-hour virtual consultation where we'll discuss your design dilemmas and come up with quick solutions to transform your space. 


Design Refresh

A 3-hour in-home consultation where we'll assess your current space, discuss your goals and style preferences, and provide actionable recommendations for a design refresh.


Room Makeover

A comprehensive design service for a single room, including concept development, floor plan and furniture layout, sourcing of materials and finishes, and styling.


Full-Service Design

A complete design service for your home or office, including multiple room designs, project management, and oversight of construction and installation.



inside perspectives

Interviews, Homestories, and Features

Delve into my world of eightyfive.sqm with exclusive interviews, homestories, and features, offering a behind-the-scenes look into my work and ideas.

Normal New York

Young interior design studio based in New York & LA. Along with their own design consultations, they feature interviews with creators from various backgrounds, cities, and home styles who put their heart into curating joyful living spaces for themselves and others.

Sense Of Home

Magazine and Online Shop dedicated to bringing the warmth and comfort of home to any space through inspiring decor ideas and essential tips. They also feature home stories from real people across Germany and beyond, providing insights into their happy places.


Catering to the German-speaking interior design and decor enthusiasts, Wohnraumliebe features living space stories from their online community and the people behind them.

COSY Magazin

COSY is a magazine for young, individual living showcasing styles and trends for any budget. Published bimonthly, it features an article about eightyfive.sqm in issue 5/22.

Toi Art Gallery

Toi Gallery is an international art gallery with an online storefront. They invited me to choose my three favorite art pieces for their Gift Guide holiday edition and provide a brief summary of why I liked them.